About Arthur Egendorf

unnamedComing home from the war in Vietnam “What do I do now?” loomed as much more than a career challenge.  Weeks of sobbing daily had to pass before I could add the crucial words in my journal, “now that I’ve taken part in state-sanctioned mass-murder.”
The knot in my stomach eased a bit when an answer came: spend the rest of this life, learning how to be human.
Not long after came a corollary.  Time for me to start giving, with as little expectation as I could.  For being human in the way I needed to learn and giving  are so completely intertwined that one virtually means the other.
So my work ever since has been about giving, always accompanied by the realization that there was always much, much more that needs to be given, than I could possibly do on my own.
Fortunately, many other people have the same idea.  More efforts that have been launched and thrive on giving than I will ever know.  But some have come to my attention, and that I’m so glad for that I want to I give them a boost in the way that we can now do on line.
So this site is to echo some good news.  And to use the massive copying machine that the internet is to distribute electronic leaflets to tell others, “Hey look at this!  These people could really use your help!”
Look around: whatever good you’re already doing and helping others with, maybe you’ll find some more ways here to share as only you can.