Girl Scout Sells 2,000 Boxes of Cookies to Help Uncle With MS

This video, from Karma Tube, is about a little girl that sold 2,000 boxes of girl scout cookies to help her uncle who has been diagnosed with MS. The story broke in March of this year.

Callie Olsen, 8 years old, came up with the idea all on her own, to sell 2,000 boxes of girl scout cookies so that she could win a MacBook laptop for her uncle with Multiple Sclerosis. Because of the generosity of community members, friends, and family, she was able to successfully reach her goal. It seemed insurmountable at first, selling 2,000 boxes of cookies in order to win the MacBook prize.

“There were so many times when I thought there’s no way we can do this,” said Julie, her mom. Callie’s uncle, a former violinist, has an aggressive form of MS that doesn’t allow him to play music anymore. However, with the MacBook, Callie’s uncle can still pursue his passion of music by mixing music on the computer.