Arthur Egendorf – Videos

These are videos of Arthur Egendorf as well as videos of user testimonials of his program “Energy’s Way”.

A rave by a long time student delighted to find his teacher so powerfully and readily available 24/7

Calling you who are inspired & have much more to give: Time for you to gather the energy to join in healing this earth

Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, transformation are all wonderful. But in our age of global healing you’ll need to supercharge these traditional Yang-biased practices with a more gentle yet potent & direct way to tap energy. To feel really secure you will need to experience concretely & ever more fully & steadily the Oneness of All by channeling our Greatest Mother, Cosmos. And this only becomes possible as you honor the way every cell in you is as much the cutting edge of evolving as you are. Watch to find out about Energy’s way — which reaches up & out as you fulfill your cosmic destiny while also healing down and in, to soothe your mostly deeply embodied fear & pain. Here’s Artie Egendorf, PhD, a Vietnam vet, ex-spy, author of the award winning “Healing from the War.” introducing this revelation – Energy’s Way — which came after a 40 year search for a way to help the good guys (mostly women now leading) take power on earth.

A one minute rave for Energy’s Way first workshop, from Due Quach. She reflects on the valuable experience she gained during the Energy’s Way workshop.

Watch a brief demo by a man who’s been doing this practice about a year. If you can “scan” check his energy/aura/chakras/Kundalini level 18 months prior to the time of this clip, and now as he appears on video. If you know any “world masters” compare this man’s energy to theirs. Then if you don’t already have your free “basic instructions” go to and put in your name and email and get them!

Clear simple keeping you company in a brief lesson on the 3 essential steps for any path to higher development