Meditate Peace

sitelogo4The Planetary Peace Movement is an international organization that was founded by Master Choa Kok Sui and co-founder Charlotte Anderson in 1998. The organization is dedicated to promoting world peace and harmony through the Planetary Meditation for Peace. The organization practices non-sectarian meditation, meaning that it does not have any affiliation to any organized religious group or methodologies of practice that revolve around a particular faith-based or spiritualist-based group.

Non-sectarian meditation is practiced in over seventy countries throughout the world, and this powerful meditation or prayer can be used by almost anyone desiring to contribute love and positive energy toward the achievement of Global Harmony and World Peace.

There are many religious that preach the concept that “it is in giving that we will receive!” According to the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, the same concept is true of Blessing. When you Bless others, you yourself will likewise be Blessed.

Master Choa, in the Planetary Meditation for Peace, would use phrases from the “Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi” in order to project the maximum Blessings amongst all people on the Planet Earth. The Planetary Meditation for Peace was originally produced under the title “Meditation on Twin Hearts”, “Twin Hearts” referring to the activation of the Heart and Crown Energy Centers. The Heart Center, being associated with Human Love and with caring for fellow people on Earth, and the Crown Center, also known as ‘Our Spiritual Heart,’ is considered the spiritual Center for Divine Love. Activating the Crown Energy Center leads a practitioner to heightened Spiritual Consciousness and awareness of his/her Spiritual Nature.

Simply by concentrating on those two energy centers simultaneously, they can become activated and one may experience feeling oneness with the Universe and filled with Divine Love. Many practitioners of the meditation, reportedly, experience intense feelings of love and connection with their surroundings and the world at large.

There are additionally numerous health benefits associated with the Planetary Meditation for Peace; reduced stress, greater productivity, happier relationships, better health, and increased calmness and inner tranquility. Planetary Meditation for Peace brings peace and joy and reconciliation on many levels to its practitioners.

Practiced regularly, The Planetary Meditation for Peace may be used as a form of Service to Humanity as one becomes a channel for Diving Blessings to flow to the entire Earth and all of humanity.

The Founder:

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is an internationally recognized teacher and author. A Master of subtle energy, he is the modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Based on the synthesis of his experiences as a chemical engineer, esoteric practitioner, businessman, philanthropist and international lecturer, he has put together an extraordinary body of work, some of which he has shared through his books, published audio materials and seminars.